Do you offer an a la carte menu?

Absolutely. Our a la carte menu is available in all areas besides the chef's counter and patio. 

How do I order from the a la carte menu?

Guests should choose 2-3 plates per person and as well as selections from our special menu. Then allow our staff to course the service based on your selections. All plates will arrive when they are finished, and are meant to be shared. 

What is omakase? 

Omakase is a Japanese phrase that translates roughly to "I'll leave it up to you." This style of service is curated by our chefs and meant to guide the guests through many dishes over a longer period of time. Course amounts vary, and will be delivered rapidly. This is our chef's tasting menu and only available at the chef's counter by buying a ticket for the evening. Seatings will only be up to 8 guests and extremely limited in availability. 

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies? 

We do our best to accommodate allergies but do not guarantee that we work in a nut-free, allergen-free environment given the complexity of our kitchen and menu. There are no precautions we can take to ensure that every food item has been handled in an allergen-free environment by our purveyors during the packing and distribution process. We are able to make accommodations for certain common dietary restrictions with heads up. 

We try to offer our dishes as they are originally intended, and want to make as few changes to their composition as possible to offer the experience set forth by our team. Please be as descriptive as possible when detailing allergies upon booking of a reservation. 

During Omakase service, there are no substitutions. If a guest would like to skip a course during this experience, that is their right. The bill will not be adjusted. 

What happens if I am running late for my Omakase experience?

Call the restaurant and speak to a member of our team. If you are more than 10 minutes late for your booking at the Omakase table, you may miss the first part of the experience. Please do not be late. 

Are children allowed at iNDO? 

It is not recommended that children dine at iNDO, but we do not prohibit their attendance to our restaurant. It is strongly discouraged for children under 8 years old to attend as we do not have high chairs on site, and have limited real-estate for placing a high chair in our dining areas. Other guest's experiences could also potentially be disrupted. If you would like to bring your child, please note that when booking your reservation. 

Where do I park? 

Parking is available behind the restaurant and on Tower Grove Ave. Parking is at your own risk. Please note that due to the popularity of our neighborhood, that parking spots are limited. Please plan ahead for time to find a spot. 

Is there a dress code at iNDO?

No shirt, no shoes, no service. Though we do not have a "dress-code" per say, a majority of our guests will dress "business-smart casual". This is absolutely not a requirement. 

I'm vegetarian or vegan, will there be options available for me?

Though there will be daily specials to accommodate, a majority of the a la carte menu is not able to accommodate vegetarians or vegans. 

How does gratuity work at iNDO?

For our normal dining areas, gratuity is able to be applied at the end of the meal. We recommend at least a 20% gratuity for the service team. 

For Omakase service, gratuity slips will be dropped at the end of the meal. We recommend at least 20% of the ticket price (plus additional pairings) for our service team. 

How is lunch service different than dinner service? 

Lunch service will be fast casual, counter service format. Guests will order from a cashier, and have their food delivered to their table by using number flags. This service is self-seated. Our cocktail/wine/dinner menu will not be available. A special lunch menu will be available. This service will not accept reservations. 

iNDO will close at 2pm for service changeover. 

Dinner service will be by reservation only, and will have the entire dinner/wine/cocktail/spirit lists available. Omakase seating will be ticketed, and only available by reservation. 

What's up with the patio? 

The patio is an experience we offer to guests waiting for their table or seat at the chef's counter. There will be canned beverages available for consumption via the outside bartender. Currently, we cannot allow seating in this area or walk-in business, but it is in the works for the future. 

In the event of rain/bad weather, guests will be asked to wait in the front area, or to grab a drink from a neighboring business while they wait for their table. Waiting space is limited. The patio will be closed until weather returns to favorable conditions at the discretion of a manager. 

Where is the bar? 

The bar is actually integrated into our kitchen. Though you do not see a bartender in plain view, we have a fully stocked/equipped bar behind the scenes ready to make you experience memorable via our wonderful beverage program.